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Coin of the Year Awards 2024
Knysna Loerie

The category winners of the annual Coin of the Year awards were announced on 14 May 2024. South Africa was nominated in three categories, Gold coins, R50 - Buffalo, Circulating coins, 50c - Knysna Loerie, and Bi-Metallic coins, R5 - the Southern Right Whale. The 50c coin, featured elsewhere on this page, won the award for Best Circulating Coin dated 2023. South Africa has always been at the forefront of coin design and has won numerous accolades.

A guide to currency names
Guide to Coin Names

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Rare ZAR error coin
ZAR Pond Brockage

Shown above is a rare full brockage mint error of a ZAR Gold Pond coin. It is thought to be one of the later issues after the mint re-opened in 1899. Notice that the two images are mirrored on the obverse and reverse of the coin as a result of the coin getting stuck in the die collar during minting. An in-depth analysis of Brockage can be found here. Collecting mint errors is a popular theme amongst collectors.

Reward offered

The WCNS is actively promoting the preservation of our heritage. Our national repositories are the custodians of historically important and irreplaceable items. We are aware of numismatic items that have gone missing from these repositories and urge anyone with information to get in touch via our Contact Us channel 

 WCNS Members achievements
  • Adrian Jordi - PMG Registry featured set - link

  • Waldo Human - NGC, Best Custom Set - link

Feature Article

Coin hoards in South Africa are an infrequent occurrence; over the years, not many have been recorded. What is disturbing is that in those few instances where coins have been unearthed and buried together, very little is known about the hoard with the details vague. The coins themselves are seldom described. The article, which excludes shipwreck finds, discusses treasures found on South African dry land and includes the Kruger Millions, treasure found inside a crocodile and more. Link here

Coins are generally counterfeited for two reasons. Firstly, forgeries of higher-value coins in circulation were designed for general circulation at face value. This has been made by criminals since the dawn of coin production 2000 years ago. Secondly, copies of coins for the numismatic and tourist market. The first is usually of rare and highly valued coins. South African gold coin forgeries are well documented, but less is known about the various silver denominations, including the famous 1931 tickey (3d) of which numerous forgeries exist. This is a well-presented article that includes numerous pictures to help you avoid the counterfeit pitfalls when collecting these coins. Link here ...

South African Numismatic Firsts since 1652

Some of South Africa's Numismatic “firsts” have been previously discussed individually in articles on the WCNS website. This article now combines them into one paper, adds more information and further explores the first circulating coins at the Cape of Good Hope, the first Honorary Medal, awarded by the VOC to Ysbrant Godske in 1677 for the Construction of the Castle at the Cape of Good Hope, and establishes the de Mist Cartwheel Penny as the first Token coinage struck for South Africa amongst other numerous "firsts". A literary historical treasure trove. Link here...

Models of South African Coins

School (or fibre) money was “minted” from various types of sturdy cardboard as a teaching aid to schools. Money was so scarce during the Depression years that it was necessary to make this school money available since many pupils simply did not know what money looked like. The article explores South African fibre coin teaching aids, and we discover the probable year when they were first issued (the dates on the coins do not match the research). Follow the link to see what's inside the box...

First pure silver bar produced in South Africa

It is fairly widely known that the gold used to strike South Africa’s first gold coin, the so-called Burgerspond (1874) was sourced from alluvial gold mined at Pilgrim’s Rest in the Eastern Transvaal. A topic that's seldom discussed in numismatic literature

is the source for the silver coinage of the ZAR that was struck from 1892 to 1897. The photo here shows a silver bar with the inscription First Pure Silver produced on African Continent, Pretoria, dated 28 February 1893 and presumably from the Albert Silver Mine. This claim seems unlikely to us. Follow the link for more...

Western Cape Numismatic Society Announcements

The following presentations were given at the second WCNS meeting on 1 June 2024:

  • Banknote Rarity Study South Africa 1921-Date: A Jordi - link

  • Morgan Dollar - Jonathan Odes and Luthando Prinsloo - link

Competition Sponsors

  • Dr Morgan Carroll

  • Rand Refinery

2024 Coin Fair Dates

  • Durban - 14 July 2024

  • Cape Town - 3 November 2024

NGC Registry Awards

This years NGC Registry award winners received an NGC-certified coin with a special label and pedigree as one of their prizes. The one shown here was awarded to Waldo Human, our Society's President for his entry that won Best Custom set.

Morgan Dollar_edited.jpg

A good looking coin with a perfect PF70 grading. Congratulations!


The library is free to use. Follow the library link in the menu bar above to various section indexes of titles, articles, notices etc. available in electronic format. The library is an ongoing project and is updated regularly.

Library feature:

How to conduct archival research

How to conduct archival research

Research is an essential part of numismatics. This presentation gives an overview of how to navigate your way through finding aids and resources doing archival research- Link Here

New Book Release
The Pretoria Sovereign

Very little on the history of the SA mint-marked sovereign is described in numismatic literature. Prof. F. Malan's latest publication, The Pretoria Sovereign, sheds more light on these coins, and corrects the mintage figures for 1923 and 1924 . Read the full book review here.

Featured Coin Designer

Our third featured designer of the 2023 Fourth Decimal Coin Series of South Africa is Kotie Geldenhuys, who designed the new 50c coin featuring the Knysna Turaco (Loerie). The coin won the best international 


circulation coin of the year at the prestigious 2024 Coin Of The Year awards

Loerie 2.jpg
Loerie 1_edited.png

News from the Past

An extract from The King Illustrated magazine published in England in September 1900, suggests that 1895 and 1896 ZAR coinage dies were used in the final days of the ZAR mint. It also reports on the prices paid by collectors for Kruger Coinage and in particular the high prices for the 1 Penny Click to read.

Kruger coins 1900
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