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2023 Fourth Decimal Coin Series of South Africa

The Reserve Bank of South Africa has introduced the Fourth Series circulation coins for South Africa. This series replaces the Third Series, which has been circulating since 1989. The Fourth Series became legal tender on 1st January 2023. The following number of languages will be minted on the various coin varieties:

  • R5 – three languages will be used;

  • R2, 50c, 20c and 10c – two languages will be used;

  • R1 – only one language will be used.

The 2023 series coins have new designs with a deep ecology theme.

Coin specifications are as follows:

Whales replace the Wildebeest on the R5 coin

The Springbok replaces the Wildebeest on the R2 coin

The Protea replaces the Springbok on the R1 coin, while the National flag replaces the

Coat of Arms

The Loerie replaces the Strelitzia on the 50 cent coin.

The Aloe replaces the Protea on the 20 cent coin

The Cape honey bee replaces the Arum lily on the 10 cent coin


The rotation cycle of the official languages on the fourth decimal coin series

Pictures and information: SA Government Gazette and SA Reserve bank

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